Debut EP Now Streaming

“Out of the winter comes a warhorse of steel…”

With a roar of heavy metal thunder that shakes the bones he comes, cloaked in dust and power. Riding from the broken lands with the devil at his back, he leaves behind the desolate nuclear wilderness where life is twisted, in mind, in body, and in soul. He is the death bringer, a bounty hunter, a rebel without a cause. He salutes no flag and bows for no overlord, calls nowhere home but the empty spaces and the roads in between. Harder, faster, louder…forever living free.

Exploding out of the fertile Irish metal scene come Settler; a brash and brilliant barrage of gut punching riffs and thunderous drums. Smashing through the walls of darkness that cast long shadows over so much underground music, grinding introspection and doom laden obsessions beneath their wheels of steel, they reach back to the vibrancy and bombast that once characterised heavy metal. With their debut, self-titled EP the band have delivered an unequivocal statement of intent – they’re here to make you bang your goddamn head and have one hell of a good time.

Cast iron riffs are entwined in gleaming melodies, the rhythm section lay down locked in bass depth charges and canon fire beats while wild, over the top vocals spin beguiling stories – no monotonous grunting and growling here as frontman Paul explores every facet of his voice to give an electrifying, energy charged performance. Sparkling solos provide the finishing touch as they scythe through the heart of each song, bringing to mind Metallica’s Kirk Hammett in his prime. Everything you could want in a steel clad, rock solid metal release is here, to glorious excess. Open your ears and let Settler remind you what real heavy metal is all about!

While Settler are a new entity, each member of the band has served time with the likes of Three Hour Ceasefire, Shardborne, Trenchknife, Dark Matter, No Mans Land, and The Swarm. They bring all that experience to bear on this EP, giving an incredibly accomplished, confident aura to expertly constructed songs like ’Captor Logic’. This is undoubtedly the start of an incredible heavy metal adventure, so reach for that denim and leather and climb aboard. Be there at the birth of a legend.